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When you need someone you trust for your home or business computer repairs in Lancaster, PA, but don’t want your life getting disrupted, the answer is to use Archware Computer Solutions. By bringing problem hardware for repair off-site, you can avoid the distractions and disruption of having one of our technicians in your home or office.

Virus removal, full hardware installations and residential home networks. As a local computer repair company, we understand that nothing is more frustrating when technology becomes unreliable.

Your business is only as truly productive as it’s weakest link. Don’t let that weak link be your company network. An unreliable or broken network can cripple your business, directly effecting your bottom line.

Data, whether it’s files, databases or sensitive client information, is incredibly important to your business. We’ll optimize both data and security using the most powerful technologies and techniques.

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Why choose Archware for Computer Repair in Lancaster, PA?

Diagnosing multiple devices, computers or laptops as well as other IT equipment sometimes requires swapping out of various hardware components to test the integrity of current parts. Imagine how distracting it might be for your staff members to have an IT support technician taking apart a desktop and testing out various components in your home or office in Lancaster, PA. Our computer repair services can take the burden away from the home or office setting, allowing you, your family or your employees to fully focus on core business operations or enjoying your evening. Whether it’s a hard drive crash, virus, malware, or component failure – we can fix just about any desktop or laptop issue you throw our way. We’ll handle the troubleshooting and diagnostics for you and get your machine up and running quickly.

Setting up new devices.

Maybe you’ve purchased new desktops, laptops, or tablets for your family or team, but don’t want the disruption of having them set up and configured in your home or office. We’ll take delivery of the new equipment and handle all of your set up and installation needs at Archware. Just about anything you want set up and ready for the end user, we can do when it comes new devices. Once done, we’ll deliver them to you Lancaster, PA ready to work. Then all you’ll need to do is hand over the device to your family or employees. We’ll handle everything, including:

  • Set up of user accounts and credentials
  • Install necessary software packages
  • Install antivirus and malware protection
  • Configure all network settings
  • Install additional memory or other hardware
  • Set backup protocols
  • Configure remote access login and rights

Computer Repair Services in Lancaster, PA

  • Computer Setup and Tune-up
  • Apple/Mac support and repairs
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup or data transfer
  • Memory Repairs & Upgrades
  • Operating System (OS) upgrades
  • Email Setup/Outlook, Smartphones & tablets
  • Hardware Installations
  • Printer and Wireless Network setups

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We appreciate you taking the time to setup a consultation with us. We understand your time is incredibly valuable and we’ll be in touch with you. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to working with you. In the mean time, if this is an emergency, please contact us directly by phone.

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