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Archware supports all of today’s most common email clients, including smartphones and tablet devices. We also utilize the industry’s best spam and virus filtering systems to protect your organization from email-borne threats. Our systems are secure, reliable and affordable.

Virus removal, full hardware installations and residential home networks. As a local computer repair company, we understand that nothing is more frustrating when technology becomes unreliable.

Your business is only as truly productive as it’s weakest link. Don’t let that weak link be your company network. An unreliable or broken network can cripple your business, directly effecting your bottom line.

Data, whether it’s files, databases or sensitive client information, is incredibly important to your business. We’ll optimize both data and security using the most powerful technologies and techniques.

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Why choose Archware for Email Hosting?

Archware gives your company secure and powerful business email hosting services that are extremely affordable. We provide cutting edge email hosting solutions that are so easy that you can be up and running in minutes. By letting Archware host your company’s email, you can avoid the problems and high costs associated with running and managing your own email server. With Archware, your business email is available day and night, wherever you are, making business communication more efficient while protecting your privacy and giving you peace of mind. Whether you need one lightweight email account setup for your business or a number of hosted email accounts with a complete arsenal of features, Archware has the flexibility and reliability that you expect from a top rated Email Hosting company.

Email Hosting administration.

Archware strives to provide the most modern and user-friendly email services for your company. We can easily setup as many accounts as you wish. IN addition, we can setup your own, personalized domain name, which every company and organization should have both for its website and email. This domain identifies your business and brand while letting your customers know that you take your business very seriously. It’s incredibly easy to transfer your email from other email services, and we will help you throughout the entire process.

With Archware, we can ensure that your email privacy is protected. We utilize a unique combination of virus and spam filters to keep your email account free of malicious and increasingly unsolicited email. With our intelligent spam filter, it will learn your frequent habits to increasingly adapt to catching unwanted email before it reaches your inbox. Understand that we take your privacy and information security seriously.

Email Hosting features

  • Secure connections
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Strong privacy protection
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Ad-free services
  • Virus and Spam filtering
  • Support for manual filters
  • Access to webmail, POP, IMAP and SMTP
  • Excellent support from Archware

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