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Our team of knowledgeable and highly experienced computer technicians have expertise in a broad variety of IT support specialties and platforms. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest in technological tools and innovations so we can keep your computers and network running at optimal levels.

Virus removal, full hardware installations and residential home networks. As a local computer repair company, we understand that nothing is more frustrating when technology becomes unreliable.

Your business is only as truly productive as it’s weakest link. Don’t let that weak link be your company network. An unreliable or broken network can cripple your business, directly effecting your bottom line.

Data, whether it’s files, databases or sensitive client information, is incredibly important to your business. We’ll optimize both data and security using the most powerful technologies and techniques.

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Why choose Archware for Computer Networking?

Your company is growing. You may need to expand or add a location. This means you’ll need to develop a plan for a new business network setup. Maybe when you started, you didn’t need a network. In the beginning, all you had was two or three stand-alone computers. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and grow your business. In the process, you’ve found that your technology needs are growing right along with your business. Or maybe you already have a network with 10 or 15 computers and a couple of servers, but need to add more computers or an additional location. Archware will work with you to plan out your network and technology needs as you grow so it is done correctly from the start.

Truth is, technology becomes more challenging with the inter-dependencies between network appliances, servers and other devices. Insightful planning, implementation and proactive support keeps a company running at it’s best when the network is designed for speed and efficiency. Archware is partners with an array of security applications and security services that can protect you and any device on your domain with web filtering, and from malware, botnets, and phishing attacks.

Computer Networking requires quite a few decisions.

As a rule, a network with more than three computers needs a server to run efficiently. What type of server will you need? Will you need more than one? Or will you run all or most of your services from the cloud? Will you use wireless or wired networking equipment? Increasing numbers of businesses are opting to go wireless and avoid all the cabling and hard-wiring used for wired solutions. But, wired networking is still more reliable, costs less, and has faster connection speeds. After your network is set up, you’ll need to secure it by configuring security settings in the router or operating system. You’ll want to use Windows and network account settings to limit rights for some users and expand rights for others. It’s important to set up firewalls and Internet security too. How will you protect your network from hackers, viruses, malware, and other outside attacks? These are the questions you probably can’t answer on your own, but that’s where the strength of Archware comes in.

Computer Networking Services

  • Network cabling
  • Network termination
  • Network design
  • VPN (design, implementation and configuration)
  • VLAN configuration
  • Router configuration
  • Wireless / Wi-Fi configuration
  • Network security
  • Troubleshooting network performance issues

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